Vietnamese Billionaire Death Sentence: Truong My Lan Husband, Age, Daughter, Real Estate, Business, Net Worth, And More

Vietnamese Billionaire Death Sentence leads to discussions all over the internet regarding the biggest financial scam in the country. As per the BBC news, Truong My Lan gets a death sentence for involving in a fraud of $412.5 billion. She is among the richest women in the country and prominent for her real estate business. However, the bank fraud involving billions of dollars took a toll on her image and hard work for years. As per the details, Lan will get a lethal injection leading to her instant death.

Who Is A Vietnamese Billionaire Business Woman? Truong My Lan Age And Real Estate Business

Vietnamese Billionaire Troug My Lan is known for running her company Van Thinh Phat. She was born to her Chinese mother who used to sell cosmetics and hair products. Troung used to help her mother in the sales. However, she opened her real estate company Van Tinh Phat in 1992. She was able to do so as she had good connections with the government. Being born in 1956, Truong My Lan’s age is 67 years.

Truong My Lan Husband

Truong My Lan married the same year to Hong Kong’s investor, Eric Chu Nap-Knee. The couple gave birth to two daughters. They both lived happily together and are still in their marriage. However, the case led to court trials against Truong and her whole family. Her husband and niece are also under trial. As per the sources, Truong My Lan’s Husband will be imprisoned for nine years. While, her niece, Truong Hue Van will be imprisoned for seventeen years.

Truong My Lan Daughter

Truong My Lan daughter is Elizabeth Chu. She was born in 1994. Elizabeth explores restaurants and the hospitality industry by doing business in the field. She resides in Hong Kong and completed her studies at Hong Kong University. Her restaurant is also at the place. Apart from that, she has around 10% in Truong My Lan’s company Van Thinh Phat.

Truong My Lan Net Worth

Trong My Lan’s net worth is not known yet. There are no calculations about her net worth. The internet has rumors that her net worth is in the billions after looting a lot of money from the banks. However, many believe her to be not having enough money at the moment. We will share details about Truong My Lan’s net worth as soon as it’s updated.

Vietnamese Billionaire Death Sentence And Controversy

Vietnamese Billionaire Truong My Lan receives a death sentence for looting Vietnam’s one of the biggest banks. She has run her real-estate company Van Tinh Phat since 1992. Everything went well and her company became the country’s biggest real estate business. People started knowing her as a business tycoon. In Vietnam, most of the rich people earn by involving in the property business.

Troung My Lan had a crucial role in the merger of Saigon Join Commercial Bank. The bank is also known as the country’s one of the biggest commercial banks. Therefore, the scam involves Truong My Lan’s fake loan of $12.5 billion from Sai Gon Joint Stock Commercial Bank. The amount is considered as the country’s 3% of the GDP of 2022.  As per the details, she used the bank to take loans which converted into big losses.

She will be among the very few women who get life sentences for white color crimes. Thus, there are also speculations that the verdict is made to recover the money from her. However, there is no confirmation about the same yet. Saigon Bank was made with the merger of three small banks. She gets permission to be involved in the merger because of her name in Ho Chi Minh City. However, she misused her powers.

As per Vietnamese rules, a person can own only 5% of a bank’s shares. However, she owned more than 90%. It was a big shock for everyone. She used her proxies and shell company accounts to take ownership of the bank. She controlled the bank completely with her tricks. Later, she employed her own people as the managers and approved her loans in billions of dollars. Keep reading with Charcha Times for more information.

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