Raghuram Rajan Father, Children, Net Worth, Education, Books, And Success Story

Raghuram Rajan father R. Govindarajan was a part of the Intelligence Bureau. During his time on duty, he kept on shifting from one country to another country because of his work. Raghuram Rajan used to consider his father a diplomat when traveling on diplomatic passports with his family. His father’s journey has been adventurous throughout his life. Raghuram has also been serving in a government post from last many years. He is the former governor of RBI. Raghuram is in controversy as the compares the mentality of young India with Virat Kohli’s mentality.

Who Is Raghuram Rajan Father? 

Raghuram Rajan father is R. Govindarajan. He worked at the Intelligence Bureau for a long time. When Raghuram was around five years old, his father started working in Indonesia. After working in the country for two years, his father shifted to the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW). He was a part of prominent Kaoboys working as a staff officer.

Raghuram gets to attend different schools throughout his childhood. He was a part of a Sri Lankan school when his father worked in Sri Lanka. Later, R. Govindarajan was posted in Belgium. Thus, Raghuram attended a French school. Throughout his childhood, he was exposed to different cultures and traditions under R. Govindarajan’s profession.

Raghuram Rajan Education

The whole family comes back to India later. Raghuram Rajan completed the rest of his schooling at Delhi Public School. At the age of his graduation, he was interested in electrical engineering. He completed his graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology.

He was good in his studies since his childhood. Raghuram was born on 3 February 1963 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He first completed his BTech in electrical engineering from IIT. Later, she pursued a PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad. Being a bright student, he completed his PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Raghuram Rajan Children And Wife

Raghuram Rajan married to Radhika Puri. The couple had a long-term relationship. Knowing each other since college, they started spending more time with each other and married later. His wife, Radhika Puri was his classmate at IIM Ahmedabad. She became a teacher and started teaching at the University of Chicago Law School.

Like Raghuram Rajan, Radhika is also highly qualified. The couple lived their life happily and had two children. One is their daughter and the other is their son. His daughter’s name is Tara. He often spends time with his children. Raghuram shares his playtime with his son on social media.

Raghuram Rajan Net Worth

Raghuram Rajan Net worth is not disclosed officially. However, there might be several platforms claiming to know his net worth. However, all are merely a close estimate. We will provide more updates about his net worth as soon as we get to know it. Raghuram earns majorly from his post as an RBI governor.

He started his journey as 7th Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund where he worked from 2003 to 2007. In 2012, he handled the role of 15th Chief Economic Advisor for a year. Raghuram Rajan became the governor of RBI in 2013 and continued till 2016. While Shakti Kanta Das is the current governor of RBI.

Raghuram Rajan Books

Raghuram Rajan’s four books are a super hit in the country:

  1. I Do What I Do
  2. The Third Pillar
  3. Fault Lines
  4. Saving Capitalism From The Capitalists

Raghuram Rajan Virat Kohli Controversy

The Raghuram Rajan Virat Kohli controversy is making headlines. Former RBI Governor, Raghuram Rajan, mentions that India’s Youth has a Virat Kohli mindset. They think of them as the number one and no one in the world is ahead of them. He believes that India is still not taking full advantage of the democratic dividend. He forecasts India’s growth to be 6%. However, as per the comparison, it is nothing in comparison to China and Korea’s democratic dividend when reaped. The news is going viral all around.

Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan also talks about the lack of jobs in the Indian markets. Thus, he raises the question of who will provide jobs to the youth. Mentioning a solution he says, Indian youth should receive skill enhancement training. They should also be provided with some new jobs that operate differently following the current technology. Keep reading with Charcha Times for more information.

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