Adil Qadri Shark Tank Wiki Bio, Age, Success Story, Education, And Career.

Adil Qadri is winning the hearts of his customers through his inspirational success story. The 35under35 entrepreneur built India’s favorite D2C perfume brand, Adilqadri, in 2018. However, his journey started in 2005 after he left his studies. Trying different works like SEO, affiliate marketing, and dropshipping, Adil Qadri reaches for the idea to bang on in the perfume industry. Leading the male segment of the industry, Adil is making his customer base stronger every day. 

Who Is Adil Qadri Shark Tank? How Does A D2C Perfume Brand Reach Its Journey To A Leading Name Among The Audience?

Adil Qadri is the founder and CEO of Adilqadri D2C perfume brand. He belongs to Bilimora, Gujarat. Spending his childhood in the streets of Bilimora city, he learns things beyond his age. He was building his empire day by day with a learning attitude. Adil studied till 5th class at St. Joseph High School. He left his studies afterward. 

Name: Adil Qadri
Gender: Male
Age: 30 years old
Alma Mater: St Joseph High School, Bilimora, Gujarat
Education: 5th Grade
Profession: Entrepreneur
Known As: CEO & Founder of Adilqadri Perfume
Nationality: Indian
Shark Tank Deal: Rs. 1 crore for 1% equity and 1% royalty until the shark makes Rs. 1 Crore back
Deal With: CEO & Co-Founder of Sugar Cosmetics, Vineeta Singh

Adil learns a lot of new skills and works from 2005-2014. However, he was not heading anywhere after that. He got to know about SEO and digital marketing in 2014. Adil focused more on the skills and started working as an SEO expert. During this time, he works on different things like affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and digital marketing. However, nothing worked for him.

During 2018, his attention goes to his father’s work. His father worked more than 20-25 years in the attar’s shop. He saw a gap in the market and came to know that attar’s are losing its shine in the market. There is no big player for attar in India. He put all his efforts into the Adilqatri perfumes to make a company with a 100 Crore + valuation in five years. 

Adil Qadri Net Worth:

Adil Qadri has a net worth of approx $2 million or 16.6 Crore. He earns majorly from his business, Adilqadri perfume. Apart from that, he might have some market investments (expected). Adil’s company currently makes around Rs. 6 Crore in a month. They target annual sales of Rs. 80-90 Crore for the current year. 

Adil Qadri Turnover:

Adil Qadri’s turnover will include the main revenue from his company Adilqadri. The revenue for the last three years is as below:

2020-2021: Rs. 5.3 Crore
2021-2022: Rs. 10 Crore
2022-2023: Rs. 20.7 Crore

Adil Qadri Perfume Success Story: Adilqadri After Shark Tank:

Adil Qadri’s Perfume journey started after losing all hope in his digital marketing journey. He enters to market of perfumes and attar’s through his father. Adil studied the market gap and launched his own range of perfumes. The company had its first office at his old house’s gallery. However, now they have their offices in Mumbai, Gujarat, and Dubai. 

Qadri has been suffering from asthma since his childhood. However, his patience and determination changed his life. The company has 3000+ orders processed daily, with total processed orders of 10 lakhs till now. Adilqadri is the best seller on Amazon and Flipkart, with 95% of the male customers. The brand also has an Instagram account @adilqadriofficial.

Adil Qadri appears in Shark Tank Season 3. He presents his business with an ask for Rs. 1 Crore for 0.5% equity. However, his huge amounts of debt on the company made it difficult for the investors to move forward with the deal. Shark Vineeta Singh trusts him and gives him a deal of Rs. 1 Crore for 1% Equity and 1% royalty on the net sales until she earns her 1 Crore back. The deal is conditional. She agrees to help him only after he makes his margin back to 10%. Keep reading for more updates with charchatimes. 

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