Petit Pli Founder Ryan Mario Yasin Age, Instagram, Fabric, Review, Career & Success Story

Petit Pli founder Ryan Mario Yasin is making headlines after creating a kid’s clothing brand where kids’ clothes expand as their size grows. The brand has made headlines with this unique kids’ clothing with 100% recycled polyester fabric that can expand to 7 sizes. Ryan Mario Yasin was fed up with the problem of buying his nephew new clothes every few months as he grew. Apart from that, he also wanted to reduce waste emissions in this process which led him to the idea of Petit Pli. We share details about Petit Pli’s founder’s age, wiki-bio, fabric, and more.

Who Is Petit Pli Founder? Ryan Mario Yasin Age, Instagram, Fabric, Education, & Success Story:

Petit Pli founder Ryan Mario Yasin belongs to London, England, United Kingdom. He has been passionate about exploring new things like graphics, crafts, and more since his childhood. Being a design student initially, he completed a course in Global Innovation Design from Pratt Institute and Keio University. Before that, Ryan was a student of Mill Hill School Foundation.

Ryan completed his graduation from Imperial College London with a Master of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering and continued his post-graduation as well with a Master of Science in Global Innovation Design. He completed his master’s in Arts as well. It seems like Aeronautics is what he chose professionally but Arts and designs are another thing that has a special place in his heart.

Name: Ryan Mario Yasin
Gender: Male
Age: Approx 31 years old
Alma Mater: Imperial College London and Royal College of Art
Education: MA and MSc in Aeronautical Engineering
Profession: Entrepreneur
Known As: CEO of Petit Pli
Net worth: Approx $ 2 million
Origin: Reykjavik, Iceland

Ryan Mario Yasin is currently approx 31 years old. He started his professional life at Red Bull Racing & Red Bull Technolgy where he worked for a mere one month. Apart from that he gave another one month as an intern at The Lightening Car Company Limited. He completed these two months of internship after high school.

Petit Pli Founder Ryan Mario Yasin Success Journey:

After completing his studies, he goes back to his college as a consultant for 2 months. He got the idea to start Petit Pli in 2017. It’s been 6.5 years since the company’s incorporation and it got recognition over the Internet now. The story of Ryan Mario’s Petit Pli started when Ryan’s nephew was born. He faced the issues in his house when he saw his nephew’s clothes getting short every few months.

Petit Pli India: Is The Company Available For Indian Customers?

Petit Pli Indian customers can avail the option to buy any of their clothing from their official website. It shows the pricing in Indian Rupees as well. You also have the option to read the reviews from their official website to have an estimate of the quality of the product. They are bringing a new revolution in the market with a lot of variety in expandable and recycled products. However, they have yet to open a store in the country.

Petit Pli Review:

Ryan noticed the increasing impact of this fast-moving kids’ clothing section on the environment. Even after having such an innovative concept, people still had the question of whether they should buy it or not. whether it’s quality actually worth its amount? However, The overall response of Petit Pli is good as of now. On average, the clothing brand gets 4 out of 5 stars from websites across the internet.

Petit Pli Instagram:

Petit Pli is on Instagram by the username @petit.pli. You can follow them on the platform for more information and updates about their product. They have 49.5k Instagram followers and are also available on LinkedIn as Petit Pli. Keep reading with Charcha Times for more.

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