Rubbabu Toys Founder Rahul Butalia Wife, Age, Shark Tank Journey, Career, Education And Success Story

Rubbabu Toys founder presents their products on Shark Tank Season 3 with full enthusiasm showcasing a spirit to keep going at an older age as well. He inspires everyone to chase their dreams as long as they can. Rahul Butalia’s company creates rubber foam toys and is the only company in the world creating such toys. He joins his wife, Meera, and his niece, Meghla in the Shark Tank Season 3 pitch. However, he was not able to get a deal from the tank. Let us look out more from his inspiring 70-year journey below.

Who Is Rubbabu Toys Founder? Rahul Butalia Shark Tank Journey, Age, Career, and Success Journey:

Rahul Butalia is the Rubbabu Toys founder. He belongs to South Delhi and is currently 70 years old. The man shows his spirit to do something at the age where everyone wants to retire. He is a perfect example of the term Age Is Just A Number. Rahul faces a lot of struggles during the journey of Rubbabu. However, he remains ambitious about working for the rubber foam toys. It is his ultimate love and passion for the company that made it reach a turnover of crores in a mere three years after having a fall in COVID.

He suffered from health issues in 2014 as he had a stroke at that time. Later, COVID also created difficulties for him. Apart from that, he needs working capital for his company to sustain and expand it further, but the banks avoid giving him loans due to his older age. He currently has 90 days of working capital which he aims to expand more. Rahul completed his primary schooling at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, New Delhi. He handled management at the State Bank of India after completing his studies. The journey with Rubbabu started almost 19 years ago.

Rubbabu Toys Founder Rahul Butalia Wife:

Rahul Butalia Wife is Meera Butalia. She supports her husband in his business with her design skills. Meera believes in learning and goes to a toy fair in Germany every year to observe the changing markets. She holds 19% of the company’s stakes and is approximately 65 years old.

Why Is Rubbabu Toys So Special?

Rubbabu Toys are made of Natural Rubber Foam and are soft to the touch, making it safe for the kids. These toys are also helpful for kids with special needs and suffering from problems like ADHD. Coming in the category of SNAP (Special Needs Adaptable Products), every product is handcrafted and made with care. They present their business quite well. Rubbabu Toys are said to be best for 3-4 years old. They sell toys to China as well. Apart from that, they also have their toys displayed at the Pompidou Centre in France. As we all know it is the ultimate store for toys in the country.

Rubbabu Toys Shark Tank Journey:

Rubbabu Toys Shark Tank Journey shares with the viewers some soft and hand-crafted rubber-form toys that can be best for their children to play with. Asking for Rs. 2 Crores for 5% equity, the company sets its valuation at Rs. 40 Crores. Shark Namita gets out of the deal at first. Later, all the sharks get out of the deal. Unfortunately, Rubbabu Toys did not get any deal but got several ideas from the sharks to get funding somewhere else.

Rubbabu Toys India & Worldwide Revenue:

Rubbabu Toys restarted their business three years ago with a revenue of Rs. 7 Lakhs in a year. Due to some health issues, his business had a downfall. Thus, the revenue for the previous three years is as follows:

2021-22: Rs. 7 Lakhs
2022-23: Rs. 1.29 Crores
2023-24: Rs. 4 Crores (expected)

The company had a sale of Rs. 58 Lakhs in November 2023. 80% of sales come from exports only with 20% in India. The company has a split of 4% for Meghla, 66% with Rahul, 19% with his wife Meera, and 11% with his daughters. The company expects to make a profit of Rs. 55-60 Lakhs in the current year. They are on Instagram as @rubbabutoys. You can follow them for updates and order their toys as well.

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