Ula Rocket Launch Schedule, Factory, Engines, Builder, And Models. Who Is This Female Indian-American Astronaut Sunita Williams?

Ula Rocket launch space mission is creating curiosity among the people as it will be an experiment for space capsules to carry humans to space. It will be a great achievement if it becomes successful. Human space capsule launch has been a virtual idea for a long time. However, the dreams seem to come true now. NASA’s two astronauts Barry “Butch” Wilmore and Sunita (Suni) Williams will be going on this flight test.

Ula Rocket Launch Schedule

Ula Rocket launch schedule will follow the American timings for the launch. The rocket carrying the space capsule is ULA’s Atlas V Rocket. NASA’s two astronauts Butch and Suni will be joining the mission to make it successful. The rocket will be taking Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner Space Taxi.

The take-off will occur at SLC-41, Cape Canaveral SFS Florida, United States. The time will be 10:34 p.m. of the local time. For Indian citizens, the launch date will be 7 May 2024 at 8:04 a.m. There is a proper take care of the safety measures for the astronauts.

Ula Rocket Builder: Who Owns Ula Rockets?

Ula Rockets Builder is a joint venture known as United Launch Alliance. It is given as a short name to the rocket as well. Additionally, United Launch Alliance specializes in activities like launching, manufacturing, and defense contractors. They aim to successfully conduct space events by manufacturing the rockets and allowing the launch process.

Ula Rockets is a joint venture of four organizations. They are Boeing Co. (working on the space capsule), Boeing Defense Space & Security (looking for security), Lockheed Martin, and Lockheed Martin Space.

Ula Rocket Factory: Where Was The Rocket Made?

Ula Rocket Factory has two locations for manufacturing. The first is Decatur, Alabama and the second is Harlingen, Texas. These two locations are the primary source of the manufacturing. While launch operations also have two locations. They are Vandenberg Space Force Base and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida.

Ula Rocket Engine And Models

Ula Rocket uses RS-88 engines. The engine has some special features. It is designed to use ethanol fuel along with Liquid Oxygen. This is a special light sky blue liquid form of dioxygen. The organization manufactured the engine in the United States. Rocket manufacturing company, Aerojet Rocketdyne manufactures it. It is currently active and used in the recent mission. The Thurst is 220kN (ethanol) or 176.6kN (hypergolic).

Who Are The Astronauts Going For The Space Mission

Two astronauts, Sunita Williams and Barry Wilmore, are going on the space mission. Sunita Williams was born on 19 September 1965. She is currently 58 years old. People also know her as Soncka. She completed her graduation from the United States Naval Academy. Later, she enrolled in the Florida Institute of Technology for her post-graduation.

Sunita not only made her country proud with her efforts in the space industry, but she also took inspiration from her father. He is not from the space industry, he is a neuroanatomist. His contributions to studying the cortical and subcortical brains have been beneficial in the medical industry. Thus, it is clear that Sunita Williams astronaut carries an Indian background as well.

Another astronaut is Barry Eugene Wilmore. He was born on 29 December 1962 and is 61 years old. He completed his graduation from Tennessee Technological University for graduation and post-graduation. Later, he enrolled in the University of Tennessee Knoxville. He has been a Captain in the United States Navy. He completed his schooling at Mount Juliet High School in Mount Juliet Tennessee.

As per details, Barry has spent 178 days and 1 hour in the space. Everyone wants the mission to be successful. The launch is going live at the moment. Every detail is shared on their social media’s official accounts. Keep reading with Charcha Times.

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