Ramesh Kunhikannan Wiki, Linkedin, Education, Net Worth, Company, And Success Story. The Man Who Becomes Billionaire After Selling Parts To Chandrayaan-3.

Ramesh Kunhikannan gets to success after the Chandrayaan-3 mission. Forbes’s new billionaire list includes his name among the top rich people. He has an impressive net worth which makes him the new billionaire of India for the first time. Ramesh is running Kaynes Technology as a founder and former managing director of the company. It deals in electronics manufacturing and process engineering-related other things. Let us look at the details of Ramesh’s recent success. How did his life change after Chadrayaan-3’s success?

Who Is Ramesh Kunhikannan? India’s New Forbes Billionaire 2024 Wiki

Ramesh is the founder and former managing director of Kaynes Technology. The company deals in all kinds of process engineering, aerospace and defense, nuclear, and more materials. They also supplied several electrical parts and systems for Chandrayaan-3. Ramesh operates his business from Mysore, India. His passion for engineering took him far in his life. He started his company in 1989. His wife also becomes his big support later. He is recently listed in the Forbes Billionaire list 2024. As per the sources, Ramesh secures the 2,488th position in the world’s billionaires list. His career brightened up after his company supplied parts to the Chandrayaan-3 mission. People started knowing him well and his journey became popular worldwide.

We all know that Chandrayaan-3 was a special mission and a great success for India. But Ramesh’s hard work and dedication played a huge role. His company was taking care of all the electrical systems. It powers Chandrayaan 3 lander and rover. Thus, the successful landing of the rover made him quite popular in the country. He is also trending on Google.

Ramesh Kunhikannan Linkedin

Ramesh’s LinkedIn is not available at the moment. He does not have a LinkedIn account. Ramesh prefers to keep his life private. Thus, he does not involved much on social media. Ramesh spent his efforts in taking his work to the top. His only goal was to explore more and reach new heights. He also does not use Instagram or any other social media platform. As an entrepreneur, one often spends less time scrolling over the social media. He remains busy with other tasks.

Ramesh Kunhikannan Education

Ramesh’s education was completed at the National Institute of Engineering, Mysore with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. He is currently at the peak of his success. Being 60 years old, he explains that supplying parts to the Chadrayaan-3 mission was his best decision. It changed his life. People started to know him. After his graduation, Ramesh started Kaynes Technology in his twenties. Having an experience above three decades, his company plays a crucial part in the industry. Ramesh was good at grabbing practical knowledge. Throughout his life, he applied the same.

Ramesh Kunhikannan Net Worth

Ramesh Kunhikannan’s net worth is 120 Crores USD or $1.2 Billion. He recently entered the Forbes Billionaire List 2024. Ramesh led the company Kaynes Technology supplied electrical parts to Chandrayaan-3. Thus, its success led to the company’s profits being even higher. Apart from that, his net worth also rose within a few months.

The billionaires list has around 200 Indians. India is also the third highest country in terms of the number of billionaires. Ramesh earns majorly from his business. He put all his efforts into making it successful over time. Ramesh owns 64% of the company at the moment which constitutes his current net worth.

Ramesh Kunhikannan Company

Ramesh Kunhikannan’s company name is Kaynes Technology. He started the company as a sole proprietor in 1989. The company specializes in providing electronic solutions for Indian Railways, consumer, automotive, industrial, medical, aerospace, defense, and IOT/IT. It receives an order from the government for its Chandrayaan-3 mission. The company accepted the offer and it changed their lives.

As we all know Chandryaan-3 was a big success. It successfully landed the rover on the other side of the moon. Thus, the company’s worth increased afterward. Having around 64% of the stake in the company, he enters the Forbes Billionaires list in 2024.

Ramesh Kunhikannan Age

Ramesh age is 60 years old. He was born on 28 February 1964. His journey has been inspiring for all. People learn from his wisdom and knowledge in the field. Ramesh’s wife, Savitha Ramesh, was always there with him on his journey. She made her efforts in the company’s growth in 1996 by joining as chairperson. Keep reading with Charcha Times for more information.

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