Petrol Diesel Wala Paratha Feet Bablu Dhaba: The Man Who Sells A Sure Shot Cancer Recipe?

Petrol Diesel Wala Paratha is going viral all over social media. Everyone is curious to know more about the man cooking these parathas. The video shared on Facebook and Twitter is going viral. While everyone believes the video to be true, some question the usage of diesel in the video. Isn’t diesel flammable? Is it possible to cook the paratha in diesel without catching fire? Well, the question creates curiosity, fear, and a sense of health consciousness among the people.

Petrol Diesel Wala Paratha Viral Video: Who Is The Man In The Video?

A video is going viral all over social media handles where a man is putting diesel on parathas to cook it. If you think you heard wrong, let us tell you that you heard it right. The viral video shows a man using the diesel to cook parathas. The reason behind it is yet unknown. Nebula World posted the video on X. It captions “A True Recipe for Cancer (Petrol Diesel Wala Paratha) Where are we heading?” The caption justifies the video.

The man in the video is making the paratha in a diesel without any regret. People are also eating the paratha from many years from his stall. Many individuals are eager to know more about the man in the video. Who is this man cooking paratha in diesel? As per the details, his name is Bablu. He opened his dhaba in Chandigarh by the name Bablu Dhaba. The interviewer asks him about his experience in the video. He said that he has been working on the stall for the last 35 years.

Bablu gave the interview proudly. He said that one who eats these paratha returns to eat it again. The man making his video was also interested in eating his paratha despite watching him frying the paratha in diesel. Many people raised the question of whether the paratha is really fried in diesel or oil? The question arises because of the explosive properties of Diesel. It is among the elements that catch the fire instantly.

However, the Bablu’s paratha are cooked in Diesel. In the video also, the pan was catching huge flames on its sides. The video was uploaded on Twitter on 12 May 2024. However, it has been available on Facebook for the past two years and no one gave it much importance. After the video went viral on X (Twitter), many people got offended and also reported FSSAI. It stands for Food Safety and Standard Authority of India.

The organization recently gave dietary guidelines and asked people to eat healthily. However, it seems healthy from no angle. Paratha is a North Indian roti made from wheat floor filled with mashed aaloos, onions, paneer, cauliflower, and more. There are different types of parathas. It is considered a healthy eatable that people eat in the North.

The viral video shows the man making a big paratha. While giving the interview, he put the paratha on the tawa (pan) and heated it for some time. Later, he poured a box filled with diesel on the paratha. He deep-fried the paratha in diesel with flames around the pan. The videographer asks to make one for him as well. He serves him the same paratha at the end. However, it did not show whether he ate it or not.

The man is not following any food regulations. Petrol Diesel wala paratha is purely serving health issues on the plate. The video gets a lot of criticism as well. However, the debate is still going on whether it is real or not. What do you think about that video? Share your opinions in the comment section about petrol diesel wala paratha. Keep reading with Charcha Times for more information.

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