Lea Clothing Founder Lavanya Aneja Biography, Age, Shark Tank Journey, Wikipedia, Education, Career, Net Worth, And Success Story

Lea Clothing founder presents a clothing brand that caters to the clothing sector for women of all shapes and sizes. Lavanya Aneja is the CEO and founder of Lea Clothing. The brand tries to show the actual beauty of a woman. They appreciate the curves of a woman. Often people say to women to hide these curves. However, they decided to show it elegantly. The company takes the example from the previous times when women used to wear corsets to get an hourglass shape.

Who Is Lea Clothing Founder? Lavanya Aneja Biography, Age, Instagram, Wikipedia, Education, Career, And Net Worth

Lea Clothing Founder is Lavanya Aneja. She belongs to Delhi, India. Lavanya completed her studies at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram in Arts. She later pursues a Double Bachelor of Arts in Economics and philosophy. Being creative since her childhood, she decided to choose arts. Her journey with Lea Clothing started in 2020. However, she worked at several places before starting her company.

Lavanya started gaining experience as a Summer Intern with Anant Exports Ltd. in Delhi. After working for 4 months in the company, she decided to work with Laj Exports Ltd. as a summer intern for another four months. She was in the Administrative Assistant services for 5 months. Lea Clothing did an internship at PwC India as well for three months. She completed three more internships at Mazars India, Deloitte India, and LA LOFT Clothing.

She finally shifts to the Greater Los Angeles Area for a long-term job with UCLA. After working with Social Native at Beverly Hills, she moves to California for another job. Lavanya came back after almost three years. After returning to New Delhi, she worked with OGLUE for 1.8 years. She started Saanjh by Lea in Oct 2021. It was also a clothing and sister brand of Lea Clothing. However, she finally reaches Lea Clothing Co.

Lea Clothing Shark Tank 

Lea Clothing Shark Tank journey was palpable with a lot of learning experience. They created a special size chart as well. It caters to all categories of women starting from XS. Their sister brand, Sanjh By Lea takes care of Ethnic wear needs. While L’ange By Lea gives Swimwear and Lingerie sets. Lea Clothing asks for Rs. 1 Crore for 2% equity at a valuation of Rs. 50 Crores. Lavanya presents the business along with Kriti. The shark asks her about the Lea name’s origin.

Lavanya says that she took Lea’s name for her company as it represents Lioness in Latin. Kriti is her mother. The duo of mother-daughter came on the sets with full excitement. Lavanya’s father is a Garmet exporter. Her mother used to help her in the backend. However, she is now helping her daughter with the same skills. Shark Anupam Mittal offers Rs. 1 Crore for 4% equity at a valuation of Rs. 25 Crore and 2% of sales as Royalty until he makes 1.5 times his money.

Shark Vineeta Singh offers the same offer and later joins him. Shark Namita also joins the offer. Later, Shark Azhar Iqubal also joins the three of them. Shark Aman Gupta gets out of the deal. Shark Anupam revises his offer and includes all the sharks. He gave Rs. 1 Crore for 6% equity with 2% Royalty until 1.5 Crore is recouped at a valuation of Rs. 16.67 Crores. Lea Clothing offers a counter to shift to the previous offer. She later makes another counteroffer of Rs. 1 Crore for 4% equity and 1% royalty until 1.5 Crore is recouped.

The sharks make the final offer for Rs. 1 Crore for 4% equity and 2% Royalty until Rs. 1.5 Crore is recouped. Lavanya accepted the deal with Shark Anupam Mittal, Shark Vineeta Singh, Shark Namita Thapar, and Shark Azhar Iqubal.

Lea Clothing Dress And Corset Price

Lea Clothing Dress: Rs. 8,000

The Corset Price: Rs. 3990

Skirt: Rs. 3290

Lea Clothing Revenue

Lea Clothing has around an 80% margin. The company started with an investment of Rs. 25 Lakhs and reached the break-even in four months. Starting in January 2021, the company made a total of Rs. 40 Lakhs in sales from the website and Rs. 60 Lakhs in total including the marketplace. The company has an Annual net sales of Rs. 3 Crores in the FY 2022-23, Rs. 1.5 Crore in the FY 2021-22.

Lea Clothing Founder Lavanya Aneja Age

Lea Clothing Founder Lavanya Aneja’s age is approximately 28 years old. She completed her double bachelors in 2018.

Lavanya Aneja Net Worth

Lavanya Aneja is running Lea Clothing successfully with two sister brands, Sanjh By Lea and Lea Clothing Co. Thus, Lavanya successfully has a net worth of approximately $5 million. Her father is also a businessman and she inherits the skills of trading and business from him.

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