HSBC Group CEO Noel Quinn Wife, Retirement, Salary, House, Age, Education, And Success Story

HSBC Group CEO Noel Quinn is going to retire from his position in the company. Working upon the company’s growth for five years, Noel now plans for retirement and looking for a work-life balance. HSBC shares the news of his retirement on their official website on 30 April 2024. The company is actively looking for his successor. Candidates from both inside and outside the company are eligible. Amid these ongoing conversations, readers are becoming curious to know more about Noel Quinn’s wife and his financial achievements.

Who Is The HSBC Group CEO? Noel Quinn Wife, Retirement, Salary, House & Education:

HSBC Group CEO Noel Quinn is known for his years of work with HSBC to make it rise ahead in the competitive banking field. He has been working with HSBC Bank since 1987. Thus, it was his first and last job till now. He never changed the company, but only the positions in the company. Starting from Midland Bank (a subsidiary of HSBC Bank), he worked in different departments of the bank. Noel Quinn became the interim CEO of the company in August 2019 and became the Group CEO after eight months. He worked on the company’s growth as a Group CEO for 4 years.

HSBC Group CEO Noel Quinn Wife

HSBC CEO Noel Quinn Wife name is unknown. However, he is married and has a good married life. His wife name is still not public. The couple gave birth to three children. He often takes his children along with him on the holidays to enjoy. Noel Quinn is among the top influencers in the company. People take him as an inspiration to reach his goals.

HSBC Group CEO Noel Quinn Salary

Noel Quinn Salary received a good raise the previous year. He worked with HSBC since the beginning of his career. Thus, he gets good increments in his journey. Noel Quinn used to get around $7 million before 2023. According to sources, his pay increased to $13.4 million or Euro 10.6 million in 2023. It almost doubled in this period. Quinn has been passionate about work. He aligned his goals with the company. He envisioned his growth along with HSBC. After his retirement, he will be focusing on other aspects of his life.

HSBC Group CEO Noel Quinn House

Noel Quinn house is located in London, England. However, he never shares much about his lifestyle and his mansion. He often keeps it private and hidden. Noel focuses on taking his career to the top. He is an inspiration for many people in his office and outside. His dedication made him stick with one company for 37 years. Noel Quinn’s house tour is not possible yet. He might share about it later.

Noel recently took retirement from his role. The company shares about his retirement officially. Upon his decision, he mentions that he had a good time with the company. He wishes success to other people working in his company. Noel Quinn further says that 37 years with the company were amazing and he never believed that it would be possible when he started his journey. He also showed his gratitude to his team.

Noel Quinn Age

HSBC CEO Noel Quinn age is 62 years old. He was born around 1962. Noel Quinn worked impressively throughout his goals. His children are also doing well in their lives. Noel Quinn’s retirement news left everyone shocked. He gave his retirement news all of a sudden. No one knows the exact reason. However, it seems like he wants to focus on his personal life more. Noel Quinn’s age is just a number. He proved with his impressive skills that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

HSBC Group CEO Noel Quinn Education

Noel Quinn completed his education at Birmingham City University with a BA (Hons) in Accountancy. Before that, he enrolled in Grant Thorton to become a Chartered Accountant. He graduated by the year 1987. Afterwards, he started his journey with HSBC Bank. Being a commerce student, he was interested in numbers and calculations. He had a dream to become a CA. However, he never thought that he would become a company’s Group CEO someday. Keep reading with Charcha Times for more.

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