Founders Announcing ‘Dark Day For The Indian Internet’ After Google Play Delists Some Indian Apps From The Platform

Dark Day For The Indian Internet after Google Play Store Delists several big giants from the platform. The founders of several platforms announce a dark day for the internet after the news. Google removed some apps from Google Play Store such as Bharat Matrimony and The decision is a big challenge for the Indian startup market. Many consumers are still confused about the reason for the removal of these apps. Let us explore this controversy from the beginning.

Dark Day For Indian Internet: Why Google Delisting Indian Apps?

Google has been delisting the Indian apps since January 2024. The controversy started when around 10 companies refused to pay for Google services fees. Google mentions that it gave three years for the preparation. Apart from that, the three weeks after the Supreme Court announcement also includes its attempts to prevent any developer’s app from delisting. However, if the company chooses to not pay the service fees, Google will take further steps.

In its opposition, 30 companies request Google to not remove their app from the Play Store and wait until the hearing of the Special Leave Petition (SLP) on 19 March 2024. However, the delisting took place on Friday, 1 March 2024 after the Supreme Court refused to interfere in the decision of Google to charge for their service on 9 February. The founders are mentioning it to be a dark day for the Indian internet. As per Google, allowing no charges to these ten companies will be discrimination for all other developers’ apps paying them for the service. They don’t want it to be an unfair game or disadvantage for others.

Dark Day For The Indian Internet: Can The Google Delisting Be Reversed?

As per Google, any app that is delisted from the Google Play Store can be restored. There are three options for the restoration. These are as follows:

  1. Operating on a Consumption-only basis without paying a service fee
  2. Integrate Google Play’s Billing System
  3. Offer an Alternative Billing System alongside Google Play’s for users in India.

By applying any of the ones mentioned above, one can have their app re-listed on the Google Play Store. Apart from that, the users who already have the app on their devices can continue using the app’s services. However, new users won’t be able to download the app from the Google Play Store until it operates as per Google’s regulation policies.

Google further discloses data saying that they charge the service fee for the apps having in-app purchases of digital goods and services. Thus, only 3% of the Indian developers’ apps come under the category of selling digital goods and services on the platform. If we count the number of developers paying above 15% the fees are less than 60 developers in the country.

While the majority have to pay a fee of less than 15%. Google mentions that any developer’s app ready to comply with our terms of service is always welcome. They are ready to support all those who support their decision. It will be easy for the apps that don’t have major in-app purchases of digital goods and services.

Founders On Dark Day For The Indian Market And Google Delisting:

Founder of Anupam Mittal also shows his disappointment with the decision and says that the only thing he expected from Google was to give a notice for the delisting. Thus, the decision led to all the founders saying it was a Dark Day For The Indian Internet. The Google delisting began in January 2024 when it realized that ten companies were not following their service fees policy. It mentions that the companies choosing not to pay the service fee will be de-listed. Keep reading with @charcha_times for more.

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