Captain Anshuman Singh Kirti Chakra Award, Wife, Family, Biography, And Success Story

Captain Anshuman Singh was an Indian Army Medical Corp, 26th Battalion of the Punjab Regiment. He sacrificed his life to save his fellow troops from the fire caught in Fibre Glass Hut at Siachen Glacier. Captain Anshuman Singh sacrificed his life for other troops on 19 July 2023. President Droupadi Murmu paid tribute to him with Kirti Chakra recently. His wife and his mother received the award. How did Captain Anshuman save so many lives? Who is Captain Anshuman Singh’s wife? Let us explore more below.

Who Was Captain Anshuman Singh?

Captain Anshuman was born in 1997 in Bardiha Dalpat, Deoria District, Uttar Pradesh. He served in the Indian army as a medical officer for more than three years. After completing his schooling at Rashtriya Military School in Chail, Himachal Pradesh, he entered Armed Forces Medical College. Captain Anshuman completes his MBBS and goes for an internship in Agra. At the time of his demise, he was serving with the 26th Battalion of the Punjab Regiment as a Medical Officer.

Captain Anshuman Singh’s Wife Smriti Singh: How They Met?

Captain Anshuman married Smriti Singh. The couple met for the first time in college. It was Smriti’s first day in college and they fell in love at first sight. Smriti shares that they remained together for a month. After that, they continued their long-distance relationship for 8 years. They finally decide to marry in 2023. The couple celebrates their wedding with joy. Unfortunately, he gets his posting at Siachen two months after the wedding, his wife says. She gets a call from the military that he is no more.

Captain Anshuman Singh Family

Captain Anshuman Singh family includes his mother and father. His mother is Manju Singh and his father is Ravi Pratap Singh. His family mourns the loss of their son. However, they are proud that their son sacrificed his life serving for nation. The whole nation is proud to have him as an Indian medical officer.

Captain Anshuman Singh Receives Kirti Chakra

President Droupadi Murmu honours Captain Anshuman Singh for his sacrifice in saving his fellow troops. His parents and his wife Smriti Singh receive Kirti Chakra on behalf of Captain Anshuman Singh. He was posted at Siacen Glacier. The place remains closed in winter. He was working as a medical officer in the area. On 19th July 2024, a fire caught at Chandan Dropping Zone at Siachen. He escaped the Fibre Glass Hut immediately as he came to know about the fire.

He saw his fellow troops caught in the fire. He decided to save them as soon as possible. He was able to save 4-5 people from the fire. As the smoke started gathering inside the fibre glass hut, he was caught in the fire. He passed away on the morning of 19th July 2023. Captain Anshuman receives the Kirti Chakra award. It is for those who are courageous. Everyone pays tribute to him for his courageous actions. Recently, someone commented on his wife in a very bad way on her social media post. Rahul Gandhi and other big politicians are in support of Smriti. They also encouraged the Delhi Police to arrest the guy who commented.

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