Who Is Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Wife? Will Iran Loss Stability After Its President’s Death?

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi wife is Jamileh Alamolhoda. She married Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi at the age of 18 years. The couple gave birth to two daughters lately. However, The helicopter crash and death of President Ebrahim Raisi have left her broke. The experts and rescuers from countries like Turkey and Russia provided their rescuers, but no one could find them due to extreme weather conditions and night. Ebrahim Raisi’s crashed helicopter gets recorded in a drone from Turkey. Thus, the site visitors claimed all the people in the chopper to be dead, including the President, Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian. 

Who Is Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Wife? 

Jamileh Alamolhoda is married to Ebrahim Raisi. She was born in 1965 in Mashhad, Imperial State Of Iran. Her father is Ahmad Alamolhoda. He has been a Member of the Assembly of Experts for a long time. People know him best for his measures and speeches against Women’s rights in Mashhad. As per the details, he believes women should not be allowed to cycle or enter the football stadiums in Mashhad. Anyone coming to the city should come for prayers only.

Ebrahim Raisi wife was born to Ahmad Alamolhoda and Sakineh Rikhtegarzdeh. She is a writer, Scholar, and lecturer. Ebrahim Raisi’s wife is well-educated. She completed her doctorate in philosophy of Education from Tarbiat Modares University. Jamileh was always interested in taking herself to the heights of education. Teaching and pursuing knowledge have always been a passion for her. She handles the Department of Leadership and Educational Development of the School of Educational Sciences and Psychology of Shahid Beheshti University. 

Pursuing her interests and hobbies, she introduced the Institute of Fundamental Studies of Science and Technology at Shahid Beheshti University. As the founder and director of the institute, she has given herself a chance to reach all heights and has not stopped herself from achieving her dreams. People know her as an innovator and critical thinker. Abdol Javad Alamolhoda is also her uncle. 

Ebrahim Raisi Daughters

Ebrahim Raisi and his wife Sakineh are blessed with two daughters. Their names have yet to be discovered. Ebrahim Raisi’s daughters are highly educated. One is PhD in sociology from the University of Tehran, and the other is a BSc in Physics from Shariff University of Technology. The couple spent their life happily together. 

Ebrahim Raisi Net Worth

Ebrahim Raisi had a net worth of $110 billion or Rs. 91,63,69,85,00,000.00. He owns 30,000 square miles of land and property. As President of the country, he also had a private jet and a gold reserve of $10 billion. Ebrahim Raisi’s wealth belongs to his family. Thus, they are the heirs of his work. Ebrahim enjoyed a lavish lifestyle with 8 Yachts, always ready for a sea tour. 

Ebrahim Raisi net worth inspires many people to reach these heights and achieve more in life. He won the hearts of the people of his country. While his helicopter crashed, people prayed for his well-being on the roads. Unfortunately, it was too late to rescue him, as he had already left us today. 

Ebrahim Raisi Age And Helicopter Crash

Ebrahim Raisi age was 63 years old at the time of his death. The Iranian President was travelling near Azerbaijan over Jofla City. His helicopter crashed among the three helicopters moving together. The weather conditions were harsh. As per the details, the helicopter Bell 212 fell from a height badly. It suddenly crashed at a point where it was tough for anyone to survive. 

The Vice president of Iran will handle his position for some time. He will conduct the election within the next 50 days. Ebrahim Raisi, who has been President of Iran since 2021, will always be in the hearts of his loved ones. Iran will not face major issues such as going out of stability as the Iranian leader, Ali Khamenei, is still in force. He is the most influential and powerful political authority in Iran. The Iranian President worked under him. Keep reading with Charcha Times. 

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