Shark Tank Mohit Tyagi Net Worth, Wife, Revenue, Twitter, Education, Career, And Success Journey. How Competishun Started?

Shark Tank Mohit Tyagi video is going viral. Everyone is eager to know more about their pitch and the funding from the show. They presented their business well. However, sharks remained out of this deal. They did not provide any offer to Mohit Tyagi’s Competishun. Upon the release of the show, students from Competishun expressed their views. Many are feeling bad for their favorite teachers after the show. Who Is Mohit Tyagi? Why he didn’t get a deal from Shark Tank season 3? Let us explore more below.

Who Is Shark Tank Mohit Tyagi? Competishun Co-Founder Twitter, Networth, Shark Tank Journey, Education, Career, And More

Mohit Tyagi is the co-founder of Competishun. He is a mathematics teacher and runs the company with two other co-founders, Neeraj Saini and Amit Bijarnia. They teach Chemistry and Physics to the students. Mohit and his co-founders belong to Jaipur, Rajasthan. He completed his B.Tech from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Delhi. After completing his education, he entered the teaching line and started teaching mathematics through The School of Mathematics. The journey towards Competishun started in 2019. Mohit’s full name is Mohit Kumar Tyagi. His students call him by the name, Mohit Tyagi Sir. He aims to make the students enter IIT and clear their JEE and NEET exams. Mohit taught lakhs of students in Kota before starting Competishun.

Journey To Shark Tank Mohit Tyagi 

Mohit Tyagi presented his business on the Shark Tank and asked for Rs. 2 Crore for 1% equity at the valuation of Rs. 200 Crore. More than 11,000 students are studying JEE at the moment. They help the students to get admission to IIT. Competishun model prefers the students to get an education from the comfort of their homes. Sharks don’t get much connected with the pitchers. Thus, they decide to not invest in the business.

The shark’s reaction went viral over the internet. The video clip went viral in which Peyush Bansal commented, Aapne Jitne Clarity Se Physics Wala Ka Business Samjaya, Apna Nahi Samja Paaye. All the sharks went out of the deal as they didn’t find anything different in his business from his competitors. They found him moving in the same direction to earn a profit after looking at his Rs. 200 crore valuation. Vineeta was also not satisfied with his teaching style.

Mohit Tyagi Wife

Mohit Tyagi is quite professional. He kept his talks to the matter of the study only. He does not prefer taking personal matters to the public. Mohit Tyagi’s wife’s name is unknown. As he prefers to keep his personal life private. He may share about her later. As per sources, Mohit Tyagi is approx 45 years old.

Mohit Tyagi Twitter & Instagram

Mohit Tyagi’s Twitter account is @mohittyagi. He is active on Twitter and shares his opinions, funny videos, and valuable content as well. He recently shared his Shark Tank clips as well. His Instagram handle is @mohit_tyagi_competishun. Mohit has 5k + followers at the time. He earns majorly from his business Competishun and his YouTube Channel.

Mohit Tyagi Net Worth And Revenue

Mohit Tyagi has a net worth of approx $2 million or Rs. 16.6 Crores. He earns from multiple sources. The two major ones are his YouTube Channel and Competishun. He has a monthly earning of $100k (estimated). Mohit Tyagi is a humble and down-to-earth human being. He loves sharing his knowledge with the students. They respect him a lot and are supporting him despite not getting funding from the show. However, he relaxed the students and said that they didn’t need any funding and it was for promotion only.

Competishun Revenue

Competishun made the following revenues for the past few years:

2020-21: Rs. 2.1 Crores
2021-22: Rs. 6.3 Crores
2022-23: Rs. 10.25 Crores
2023-24: Rs. 14 Crore (Projected)

The company had a net profit of Rs. 2 Crore in the previous year. Keep reading with Charcha Times for more information.

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