Kiko Live Founders Career, ONDC, Funding, Age, Education, Success Story And Shark Tank Journey

Kiko Live founders brought the concept of digitalization to all the shopkeepers. As shopkeepers do not have an online presence, the sales figure remains comparatively down. However, making their presence online will help them grow faster than others. The company provides services like a personalized website. Apart from that, they also help them in getting registered on ONDC. We will have a look at the Kiko Live founder’s journey and their previous successful startups as well.

Who Is Kiko Live Founder And CEO? Kiko Live ONDC, App, Shark Tank Journey, Funding, Age, Career, Education, And More:

Alok Chawla, Neeta Chawla, and Virendra Kumar are Kiko Live Founders where Alok and Neeta are married. While Virendra Kumar is Alok’s friend. They have known each other for a long time as friends. Alok is handling the CEO position, While Neeta and Virendra are handling the COO and CTO positions. Alok completed his graduation from Narsee Monjee Institute in Mumbai. After graduation, he worked on different ventures like Zip Cash and Gizmobaba.

However, Ola acquired ZipCash. He then started the Gizmobaba Influencer company with his wife. As an influencer company, they used to have their majority business from TikTok. However, the lockdown and the TikTok ban had an impact on their growth, leading to the shutdown. Alok’s wife Neeta completed her graduation in commerce. She also pursued a diploma in Fashion and Costume from the V.N.F. Institute of Fashion Technology. Neeta worked in higher positions in companies like Western Alliance Engineers, Intermart India, and TRISTAR. She was with her husband during Gizmobaba as a co-founder of the company.

Kiko Live Founders Age:

Neeta Chawla is approx 43 years old. The CEO and her husband Alok is also approx 44 years old. While there are not many details about Virendra’s age. Neeta and Alok share a strong bond. They go through the ups and downs of life together.

Kiko Live Shark Tank Journey & Revenue:

Kiko Live founders present their pitch on the Shark Tank Season 3 confidently. They made an ask for Rs. 1 Crore for 1% equity of the company. It means that the company has a valuation of Rs. 100 crores with three previous rounds of funding. Thus, the sharks were not getting confidence in their sales and valuation, making them out of this deal. Kiko Founders did not get any deal from sharks in the show. However, they learned a lot from the Shark Tank. People now know their platform well, increasing their search rates.

Kiko Live ONDC Structure & App:

The Kiko Live app is available on the Play Store with 5 lakhs+ downloads and a 4.6-star rating overall. Kiko Live ONDC structure is getting a highlight. The company helps the shopkeepers to move to ONDC, which is a platform that helps the buyers connect with the sellers online. Thus, all the shopkeepers who shift to ONDC will get more business from their area. ONDC stands for Open Network for Digital Commerce. It is an initiative by the government to promote digital commerce. You can visit their website or app to connect with the Kiko Live services and their assistance in the ONDC registration.

Kiko Live Funding:

Kiko Live has raised three rounds successfully. The company started in July 2020. It had its first round after a year for Rs. 90 lakhs. Later, they had another round in the same year for Rs. 7 Crore at a valuation of Rs. 28 Crore. The round took place in mid-2023 for Rs. 5.5 Crore at a Valuation of Rs. 80 crore. Thus, they raised a total of Rs. 13.4 Crore. Kiko Live is available on Instagram as @kikoliveapp. Keep reading with Charcha Times for more information.

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