IAS Officer Ashwini Bhide Accuses British Airways For Downgrading Her Seat At Last Minute.

IAS Officer Ashwini Bhide accuses British Airways of experiencing racism during her flight with the company. She mentions that her seat was downgraded from premium economy on the pretext of overbooking. The IAS officer asks for compensation that is still awaiting. Ashwini is known for building her empire from scratch. In her roller-coaster journey, she contributes to a lot of development in several small parts of the country. She is also the additional commissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

IAS officer Ashwini Bhide
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Who Is IAS Officer Ashwini Bhide? Early Struggle Of A Village Girl To Become An IAS Officer:

Ashwini Bhide was born on 25 May 1970 in Sangli, Maharashtra, India. She is currently 53 years old. Ashwini was a bright student during her childhood. She was growing up with a dream to serve the country as an IAS officer. Belonging to a humble family, her fire to change her life’s circumstances never allowed her to sit idol in her life. Ashwini learned to take up responsibilities from a young age. After clearing her examination, she gets entry into her dream job. Taking up UPSC examinations was a tough task without internet connectivity at that time. However, she managed to clear the exam in 1995, setting expectations for her family to have a good life.

Name: Ashwini Bhide
Gender: Female
Age: 53 years old
Education: M.A. in English Literature, Pune University, Pune
Profession: IAS Officer
Known For: British Airways racism controversy
Birth: 25 May 1970
Birthplace: Sangli, Maharashtra
Spouse: Dr. Satish Bhide
Nationality: Indian

IAS Officer Ashwini Bhide Husband & Family:

Ashwini Bhide ties the knot with Dr. Satish Bhide. The couple married a few years ago and share a special bond of love and friendship. They are blessed with a beautiful princess, Jhanvi, and a son, Malhar. According to some sources, Satish was an IAS Officer who resigned in 2011. They were batch mates and had known each other from a young age. However, it is yet to be confirmed.

IAS Officer Ashwini Bhide British Airways Controversy Explained: Why She Accuses British Airways Of Racism?

Ashwini Bhide trends on X (formerly known as Twitter) for her recent accusations against British Airways. She was about to travel on one of their flights in Premium economy class. However, during her check-in, her seat was downgraded from the premium economy without any compensation promised. She receives the reason for overbooking on her inquiry. According to the X post of Ashwini, her seat was downgraded on a fake pretext of overbooking. She comes up on X to share her experience. The news went viral all over the media. British Airways responds to the increasing seriousness of the case promising compensation. The reply from British Airways mentions the right to have compensation for seat downgrading due to overbooking. Ashwini mentions:

Are you cheaing or following discriminatory/racist policies @British_Airways ? How come u downgrade a premium economy passenger at check-in counter on false pretext of overbooking without even paying price difference forget about compensation ? I’m told this is a common practice by BA @CSMIA Mumbai.

Many people retweets her post sharing a similar experience with British Airways. Users prefer to take Indian airlines to London to avoid such happening. One of the X users mentions the mistreatment and rude behavior of the crew as well. Despite all that, British Airways apologized for the inconvenience caused to their customers. We hope that the company will follow a solution-oriented approach to avoid such happenings again. Read more with charchatimes.

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